Brrr! It's cold even for us out there!

Skiing isn’t always as much fun as it could be when it’s really cold, but there are ways you can stay warm even when the temperature is below freezing.

Before you head out to ski, make sure that you're equipped with the right clothing and gear to stay warm all day. Here are tips for keeping warm on a cold skiing day.

 ***Please note lessons are still taking place. Instructors and their classes will be taking lots of breaks and coming in to do "dry-land" training.


1. Bundle Up (and Swap out the Leggings for long underwear!)

It might seem obvious, but piling on a few extra layers is a great way to stay warm, especially if you have to be outside. Keeping your core warm is especially important when temperatures dip below freezing, so try wearing an extra shirt or two under your coat.

2. Keep your feet warm

Make sure your boots fit properly and don't over tighten them. You need to keep the circulation moving through your toes! 

3. Wear the right socks

This might just be the most important strategy to prevent cold feet. Don't even think about wearing a pair of cotton socks pulled blindly from your dresser drawer. If you want your feet to stay warm and dry, you really need a pair of ski-specific socks.

4. Keep your hands warm

Wear mittens. Mittens aren't just for kids. In fact, they make a world of difference when you're trying to keep your fingers toasty. Switching from gloves to mittens is the number one way to have warmer hands on the slopes! 

5. Cover exposed skin

Make sure you wear a neck warmer, scarf or buff that covers and protects the exposed skin of your face and neck. 

6. Take a break! (and take them often!)

One of the best ways to stay warm is to take frequent breaks. You don't have to ski non-stop all day. Stop for a hot chocolate and snack break to warm up before you head back out on the hills! 



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